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With over 20 years of experience in accounting & financial services, you cannot get a better solution than what Milestone Financial Engineers offers

Neil Bhaskar


Neil earned a B.Tech. in Engineering, from IIT and an M.B.A. from IIM and an OPM from Harvard Business School. He founded the tech giant NovaSoft and upon selling it, has dedicated his life to guiding & mentoring young adults in their entrepreneurial pursuits through his BoDE Foundation & Academy.

Ryan Rees


Ryan has spent the majority of his career working in the public accounting for individuals and businesses. He has extended expertise outside of the traditional CPA firm role by providing managerial accounting services & support to small and mid-sized businesses.

BJ Thomson


BJ, a native of Utah, has received numerous awards and recognitions from organizations such as the Utah Association of Public Accountants, and the Institute of Management Accountants. He has served in various leadership and board positions within each of these organizations.

Bryan Whiting


Bryan received his degree in Accounting from the University of Utah, but has spent a majority of his career in leadership positions for both Operations and Technology departments, enabling him to “translate” techno mumbo-jumbo into layman’s terms. His expertise with process automation has saved companies millions of dollars.

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How We Were Formed

Co-founder Neil Bhaskar, has an engineering background and was the founder of NovaSoft IT Solutions, Biovation Labs, and NovaShip. After Neil successfully sold NovaSoft, he spent time studying the field of Financial Engineering – understanding the importance of leading indicators to drive business growth.

Co-founder and CPA Ryan Rees, began providing his clients with customized professional accounting services through Milestone, LLC. Ryan helped clients through providing real-time analytics to show where each client’s business was going and by providing foresight to drive their business to new heights in financial success.

Together, Ryan and Neil formed Milestone Financial Engineers and established our proprietary Foresight Business Intelligence Technology to help businesses see further, grow faster, and drive profitability.

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